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xTeacher Education Resources

Note: Many program specific resources are available by accessing the individual DoE program listings in the menu above, under “Programs > [select program] >  …Program Documents”

General Teacher Education Resources

TEP Student Handbook

Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI)

Jobs for MT Teachers

Montana Teacher Licensure

Cyberbullying Info & Resources

Cerebral Palsy Resources for Educators and Families

Scholarship Resources for Teacher Training

Starfall Early Learning             Rubistar bbbbbbPBS Kids bbbbbbbEdutopia

Indian Education Resources

OPI: Indian Education in Montana / IEFA

Montana Tribes.org bbbbbbb

The Rez We Live On

CS&KT Tribal Education

Oyate bbbbbb

NIEA  bbbbb


NkWusm Salish Immersion School, Arlee, MT bbbbbbbb

Cuts Wood Blackfeet Immersion School, Browning, MT

U.S. DOE Office of Indian Education bbbbbbbb

Directory of Tribal Nations Flags bbbbbbb

Tribal Nations Maps & Teaching Resources

Division of Education Syllabi

SKC’s Education programs encompass many diverse courses in six distinct degree pathways. Here you can find course syllabi that outline the objectives, requirements, and professional attributes built into each class. Course descriptions are present in each syllabus; these also may be found at the Courses section of the SKC Online Catalog.  Refer to each program’s curriculum page in this website (under the Programs tab), or look up DoE programs in the current catalog to see the appropriate instructional quarter in which courses are taught.

Note: Course syllabi are ever-changing as instructors modify classes and select new activities and instructional materials. While we always strive to have the most current syllabi posted, it is advisable to consult with instructors to verify that the version posted here is the most up to date. Course syllabi shown in gray are currently being revised and submitted; see your instructor for more information.


Syllabi Tab Group 1

ECED 103 Positive Guidance and Discipline

ECED 104 Positive Guidance and Discipline Lab

ECED 106 Early Childhood Curriculum Lab

ECED 113 Early Childhood Curriculum 2

ECED 117 Creating A Learning Environment

ECED 209 Meeting the Needs of the Family

ECED 305 Social Studies and Young Children

ECED 315 Language and Literacy for Early Childhood

ECED 340 Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization  of Young Children

ECED 360 Creativity and Young Children

ECED 425 Mentoring and Coaching

ECED 451 Curriculum Integration and Application II

EDUC 175 Community Service Learning in Education

EDUC 221 Parent Partnerships and Community Collaboration

EDUC 235 Introduction to Indian Education

EDUC 235 (DR) Introduction to Indian Education Online

EDUC 308 Technology in the Secondary Classroom

EDUC 309 Guiding Social Development and Classroom Management in K-8

EDUC 313 Classroom Management in Secondary Education

EDUC 330 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom

EDUC 331 Social Studies Practicum

EDUC 337 Introduction to Special Education

EDUC 343 Literacy Strategies in Secondary Education Practicum

EDUC 350 Physical Education and Health Enhancement

EDUC 351 PE and Health Enhancement Practicum

EDUC 390 Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom

EDUC 391 Teaching Science Practicum

EDUC 392 Teaching in the Secondary Science Classroom I

EDUC 397 Teaching Secondary Mathematics - Middle Grades

EDUC 471 Action Research in Education

EDUC 490 Elementary Student Teaching

EDUC 491 Student Teaching in Secondary Education

EDUC 495 Reflective Practice and Research in Education

MATH 133 Mathematics for K-8 Teachers 2

MATH 420 Higher Mathematics for Teachers

MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music

SCID 211 Science for Educators 2: Earth and Sky

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