Secondary Science (BSSE) Curriculum

Secondary Science – Broadfield Science




BSSE Program candidates are involved in a rigorous curriculum which prepares them for middle school and /or high school science teaching in several science disciplines, including life sciences, earth science, chemistry, and physics. The program of study in the BSSE Program is as follows:

You may download a full PDF version of this form (Years 1-4) by clicking here…

First Year Courses

BSSE Y1.2015


Second Year Courses

BSSE Y2.2015


Third Year Courses

BSSE Y3.2015


Fourth Year Courses

BSSE Y4.2015

For more information on specific course, including course descriptions, please refer to the SKC 2017 – 2018 Catalog.

As part of the BSSE degree, students are required to complete an original scientific research project. The project will be reported in a student generated paper written during the course SCID 301: Conducting and Reporting Scientific Research, typically taken during their senior year. It is recommended that students complete the project between the end of their sophomore year and the beginning of their senior year in preparation for writing the research paper.

Total credits for the BSSE = 199

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