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SKC Elementary Education

Program Resources

Here, students may view and download a number of important documents that are integrated into the SKC Elementary Education program.


EE Program Documents

TEP Student Handbook     Background Check Procedures       Elementary Ed. Advising Form

Elem. TEP Portfolio Checklist Stage 1      Elem. TEP Portfolio Checklist Stage 2      Elem. TEP Portfolio Checklist Stage 3

Elem. TEP Scoring Rubric Stage 1     Elem. TEP Scoring Rubric Stage 2     Elem. TEP Scoring Rubric Stage 3

Professional Dispositions Agreement      Transition to Professional Teaching (TPT) Form

Lesson Plan Template & Rubric (PDF)   Lesson Plan Template and Rubric (DOC)   Unit Plan Template  & Rubric (PDF)   Unit Plan (DOC)

Guidelines for Field Experience      Teacher’s Resume Sample     EDUC 178  Exploratory Field Experience Obsrv. Form

Elementary Methods Field Experience Evaluation Form (Word)


Elementary Student Teaching Documents

Elementary Student Teaching Applic. Checklist       EE Student Teaching Application      Elementary Student Teaching Handbook (Word format)

Student Teaching Evaluation Form (Word)        Student Teaching Evaluation Form (PDF)        TPT Form       College Supervisor Eval. Form       CMT Eval. Form

Exit Survey         Teacher’s Resume Sample (PDF)                 Teacher’s Resume Sample (Word-Editable)

TEP Stage 2 Student’s Checklist        TEP Stage 3 Student’s Checklist



Elementary Education Resources

Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI)      OPI Office of Indian Education : IEFA Resources       OPI Common Core  / Content Stds

Ronan-Pablo SD #30     Polson SD #23       St. Ignatius SD #28         Arlee SD #8         Charlo SD #7J            CSKT-Education

MT JobsForTeachers             PBS Kids: Education           Edutopia            Online Rubric Maker


Professional Educational Organizations         (Roll mouse over for full title)

NEA        MEA-MFT       NAEYC       NIEA         NSTA            NCSS            NCTE              Reading.org            NCTM


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