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Here you will find a listing of required courses for both the Associates and Bachelors Degrees in Elementary Education offered through SKC’s Division of Education. Refer to the current SKC Catalog¬† for more detailed information on courses, including course descriptions. Visitors: please note that SKC utilizes a 10-week¬† “quarter” based trimester system, not a two semester system. For more information regarding the Elementary degree programs, contact Dr. Amy Burland, Chair of the Elementary Education Department.


You may download a PDF version of this form by clicking here…

Elementary Education: Associate of Science Degree

First Year Courses

Y1 EE 2015


Second Year Courses

Y2 EE 2015

Total credits for the Associate of Science Degree = 99



Elementary Education: Bachelor of Science Degree

Third Year Courses

Y3 EE 2015


Fourth Year Courses

Y4 EE 2015

For more information on specific courses, including course descriptions, please refer to the SKC 2014 – 2015 Catalog.

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